Tasting and pairing page

Tasting a wine is not just for connoisseurs. The delight that a wine provides is also subjective, it depends on many elements, when it is tasted, the person with whom it is shared, the cuisine associated with it and many other parameters.

All that matters is the pleasure we take.

However, a few points of reference can help to better understand the tasting.

Wine service

Chambering a winemeans bringing it to room temperature. But this term was invented at a time when the rooms were not heated: maximum 16 °.

• Serving a wine that is too hot accentuates certain aromas, as well as the perception of fat and alcohol. It will be heavier.

• Serving a wine that is too cold masks the aromas, accentuates the perception of acidity and tannins.

Decant or decant

Choose the right operation according to the age of the wines to be tasted:

Decant a young wine, this allows it to get oxygenated, which will have the effect of releasing the aromas.

Decanting an old wine, is a delicate operation which will have the effect of eliminating the deposit at the bottom of the bottle.
(decanting can also damage the wine, already weakened with age by providing too much oxygen).

Ideal temperature for La Fleur Penin tasting: 18 °