Sustainable development

Affirm our uniqueness and our sincerity

We maintain with all of our professional environment: customers, suppliers, partners and employees human and commercial relationships based on trust, respect and the long term. We choose them with regard to their eco-citizen and eco-responsible practices.

Nichoir à mésange

Les nichoirs à mésanges

Chickadees, bats and insects take part in combating vine pests. We have installed nesting boxes and hotels to complement the natural habitat to promote their presence.

Roseaux effluents developpement durable

Effluent management

The effluents result from washing operations. They are stored while waiting to be collected by a specialist service provider.
Their treatment consists of a biological process of degradation of organic matter by microorganisms.


For each pallet sold we buy a tree. Through the association Reforest’ACTION, these trees are planted in an eco-managed forest that we have chosen. This represents around 25 trees per year wich corresponds to:

Climate: 4 tons of CO2 stored
Biodiversity: 75 shelters for created animals
25 hours of work created
100 months of oxygen generated

Matières sèches cartons

Dry matter

The cardboard we use is bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable and recycled, with a low carbon footprint.

The water-based inks are suitable for food contact.
The pallets are reusable.

Logo Entreprise Recyclage ADELPHE

ADELPHE recycling

Our eco-citizen commitment, we voluntarily adhere to ADELPHE (collective system for sorting and recycling all types of wine packaging).

Station météo

The weather station

Thanks to real-time plot meteorological analysis, we adjust our cultivation practices as closely as possible.

This has a significant impact on the reduction of processing products and on mechanized working hours.

Bouteilles de vin la Fleur Penin


For more than 10 years, we have opted for lighter bottles. The weight of the container has been reduced from 600g to 500g, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Bouchons Château La Fleur Penin


Our stoppers are made from recomposed natural cork, the bio-based binder is exclusively vegetable and comes from cork oak forests from sustainable economies.

They guarantee sensory neutrality and ensure the permeability necessary for the development of wines while preserving them from deviant tastes (taste of corks).

Chauffe d'une barrique


We use French oak barrels. They come from forests sustainably managed by the ONF (national forest organization),

We keep our barrels for 4 years, this helps reduce our carbon footprint, and brings more mellow woody nuances to the wine.

Each year the barrel is descaled and disinfected without chemicalswith hot pressurized water.